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Find Your Inner Peace

Life after any traumatic event is noticeably different for trauma victors than life was before it. We may not have the same strengths or interests that we used to and this often causes an identity crisis. A self awakening is required to stop this confusing experience of being unsure about your identity.

For anyone feeling lost and unsure about who they are — try meditation. The increased self awareness that I’ve gotten through it has been helping me reclaim my identity. By meditating I am able to truly feel what I feel and explore my inner peace.

The quiet time alone with my thoughts through meditation makes it easier to identify my beliefs and interests. Understanding these interests can also help identify any new passions that may arise after trauma. While the thrill of a new passion can be exciting, it can also be riddled with anxiety about achieving this passion. Meditation calms this anxiety because it literally changes the patterns of your brainwaves so that you replace feelings of limitation with feelings of motivation.

The calm, focused breathing involved in meditation creates the harmony within that will push you to achieve your goals! You’ll be pleasantly shocked over how ~zen~ you feel after meditating.

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