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The Way of the Warrior

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

The power of positive language can transform your life. If you think in a positive way you will have positive results and be happy (most of the time). This is exactly why I prefer to think of trauma survivors as warriors instead of victims.

The most important word to remember when trying to recover from trauma is the word “how”. Think about what you want and how to get it. I guarantee it will make you happier. After the car accident I was very determined to finish college on time so each step I took closer to the fulfillment of that goal filled me with joy. So much joy that I cried tears of joy (for the first time!) at my business school graduation when I heard my name being called to accept my graduation present from the dean. As Earl Nightingale once wrote, “Happiness is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal, or goal.” You feel truly happy when you feel yourself moving step by step towards reaching your goal.

While many post trauma warriors have goals we’d like to accomplish after our traumatic event, a lot of us suffer from what my pastor at C3 brilliantly labeled the Dual frequency in the soul. We are full of full of faith and fear at the same time. While we should be rightfully proud of overcoming our traumatic events, we still want to accomplish great things other than that…..but can we? A verse that I like to remind myself of when I have these doubts is 1 Kings 19:12. “After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper.” God came as a whisper to let Elijah know he was with him. God’s presence won’t always appear in loud showy entrances but sometimes He is heard unexpectedly in the subtle sounds of life as we are gently drawn to listen. Once you are blessed with God’s presence, take a deep breath and have faith in Him to guide your path to completion.

To end Brain Injury Awareness month on a promising note — I found a petition for expedited approval of stem cell transplants for TBI, stroke, and spinal cord injury. Research shows that stem cell therapy leads to incredible advancements in healing or dramatically improving TBI, PTSD, and many other maladies. Sign and share this petition to help me and others in my position live our lives to the fullest potential!

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